With six mini-series in the past three years being filmed in Martinsburg and Berkeley County, we have shown that we are able to provide a director and producer with the support staff and locations needed to generate a first class film.

Whether it be a small town look, or a foreign nation, our film liaison as recognized by the WV Film Office, can take you around for location scouting. With their local knowledge and networking they can also help with logistics, price negotiations or the odd requests that come up.

Contact the WV Film Office for a confidential discussion of your project.

LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION! We know that is an essential component for a good film and Martinsburg and Berkeley County can offer a variety of locations. From 1,000 acre private land at Peacemaker National Training Center to a county owned quarry, we have property owners that are willing to work with the film industry. 

If you need a particular era in history, we have buildings and farms dating back to the late 1700's to modern day construction. Many of these property owners have worked with film crew and are excited for the opportunity to do so again. 

Our City and County officials welcome filming in the area and bend over backwards to make your experience here wonderful. We have no permitting needed, no fees to use most services and staff that is willing to make your job easier.